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Sparkout: An Indian Software Company Enhances its Business Sales Via Krayin CRM



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Sparkout Tech Solution is a custom software development company that provides services such as MEAN/MERN Stack Development.

They also provide IOS App Development, Android App Development, Layer 1/Layer 2 Blockchain Development, Smart Contract Development, and many more.

sparkout software app development homepage

It was founded in 2017, with a mission to help businesses of all sizes digitally transform and improve their customer experience.

Sparkout Tech also has a vast and trusted partner network that helps to meet every tech need with ease and on a dedicated deadline.

They empower businesses around the world with the right tech, with experience in building complex software solutions.

Its headquarters is situated in Coimbatore, India with two more different locations.

Krayin Custom CRM Development helped them by improving customer relationship management to grow their software services.

Software development Services In India

Software development services in India encompass so many offerings that cater to both domestic and international clients.

Indian firms excel in building bespoke software solutions tailored to specific business needs ranging from small applications to large-scale enterprise systems.

According to Statista, the Application Development Software market Revenue is projected to reach US$2.46bn in 2024 in India.

software app development

In India, the App Development Software market covers software development tools used by developers to design, create, test, and deploy applications.

The developed applications can be anything from mobile apps and web-based software to complex enterprise blockchain applications.

India’s software industry has a large pool of skilled engineers and developers. It has competitive pricing and follows international quality standards.

These factors make India a top destination for offshore software development.

Challenges Faced by Sparkout Tech Solution

Sparkout Tech Solution had trouble managing leads, contacts, and potential clients which led to missed opportunities or inefficient follow-ups.

They were dealing with the lack of centralized data for all customer interactions, communications, and sales activities.

They did not have proper pipeline management to visualize and manage the sales pipeline, from initial contact to closing opportunities.

To address these issues and enhance the client experience, they contacted Webkul through UVdesk ticket support.

In this case study, we’ll look at how Webkul used its powerful solutions to address Sparkout business challenges.

Solution :

Krayin Open Source CRM Software

Krayin, Open Source CRM Software helped Sparkout Tech with a wide range of flexibility and empowering customer relationship management.

The following image shows the login page for Krayin CRM.

sparkout crm login page

Now, they can manage and consolidate customer relationships in one place, and deliver targeted service.

krayin crm dashboard

It helps in tracking leads, creating leads for interested customers, and updating the stages of leads.

krayin crm lead management

This Krayin CRM offers quotes that reflect delivering customers’ requested products in a specified time frame at a predefined price.

krayin crmquote management

With email service in Krayin CRM, they will interact with the with centralized access to information, all files, e-mail messages, etc of customers.

It also empowers with automation settings. They let to manage all their automation settings like CRM attributes, CRM email templates, and CRM workflows.

krayin crm settings

Open Source Krayin CRM gives a complete view of the sales activities for a prospect by managing calls and meetings.

Integrating the VoIP module in Krayin CRM Software helps the user to call over a broadband Internet connection and the users can perform Inbound routes.

End Note

Finally, Webkul helped Sparkout by integrating it with Kryin CRM Software to resolve their client relationship management issues.

They get efficient communication to the clients by using Krayin CRM. It includes tools like email integration and automation messaging.

By improving the customer relationship management system this software development service will easily manage the potential clients and achieve targeted services.

Hence, This powerful CRM Software enhances efficiency, improves customer relationships and customer satisfaction, and ultimately increases the growth of software development services.

Contribution to Open Web

Webkul is Open Source giant and continuously contributes to the open web with a blaze. We wish you to join the community to make this framework more stable.

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