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Krayin CRM

Krayin CRM

Laravel Open Source CRM empowers your organization to deliver great customer service experiences and automate your organization's Sales and Marketing Operations.



Create leads through various sources/channels like email marketing, website and social media etc.



Build an actionable roadmap for amazing custom experience.



Perform action that will bring status processing into motion.

Our Features

With Laravel CRM you can get your business process managed, controlled and simplified for effective results.

Why Krayin CRM ?

Krayin is built on the most popular PHP framework available in the market today named Laravel, since krayin inherits features of laravel, this makes Krayin super flexible and scalable Open Source CRM software.

With the help of our Laravel developer experts, you can expect both professional and highly robust imaginative web applications.

  • Free Forever:- Our Open Source CRM is free forever with free updates.
  • Customizable:-Customization can be done very easily even at the core level too.
  • Easy to use:- Krayin is very flexible and easy to use even for non-tech savvies.
  • Support:- Krayin offers unmatched support that keeps you well on track with your progress or any query via live chat and a dedicated ticketing system.

Why Krayin CRM?

Installation and Configuration

Install Krayin CRM from console.

Execute these commands below, in order


composer create-project krayin/laravel-crm


php artisan krayin-crm:install

On server

Warning: Before going into production mode we recommend you uninstall developer dependencies. In order to do that, run the command below:

composer install --no-dev

Open the specified entry point in your hosts file in your browser or make an entry in hosts file if not done.

On local

php artisan serve

How to log in as admin

Open brower and paste the


email:[email protected]

Company Behind Krayin

Webkul was established in the year 2010 and Yes! Webkul is among one of the few 100% Self-Bootstrapped companies.

  • Created top notch product like Marketplace.
  • Build Mobile Apps for Online Business
  • Contributed in Open Source like Bagisto, UVdesk etc.
  • Multiple time featured in press
  • International & National Award Winner
  • Superior Tech Expertiser

Why Krayin CRM?

Contribution to Open Web

Webkul is Open Source giant and continuously contributes to the open web with a blaze. We wish you to join the community to make this framework more stable.

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