Custom CRM Development

Krayin offers a full-featured and customized CRM software development solution.

Why do you need to opt Custom CRM?

As we know, CRM software is the fastest growing industry in upcoming years. In fact, CRM is expected to reach more than $80 billion in revenues by 2025.

Our goal is to serve you in a better manner and also provide you with a custom CRM solution, which will organize the entire volume of data and then convert it into a profitable business.

Custom CRM Solutions includes


Lead Management

Lead Management is the backbone of CRM, which specifies the incoming leads are analyzed or qualified, that leads enter the system from various sources.

Workflow Automation

A Workflow is a sequence of predefined rules that processes a set of data. It allows you to automate a complex business process in the CRM, that can be automated or can even be manually started by the user also.

Pipeline View

The sales pipeline is the visual representation of the leads to organize the different stages of prospects and leads.

Contact management

Via Contact management, you can manage, track and organize customers’ prospects. All the communication via call, mail, or message you can track within the CRM.


Kanban view

Kanban view is a visual representation that allows your sales team to view and manage each stage of leads on a real-time basis. You can also drag and drop the leads from one stage to another stage.

Calendar View

The calendar view allows you to plan and manage CRM tasks and activities. We will sync your calendar with other third-party APIs also as per your requirement.

CRM Dashboard

CRM dashboard is a graphical representation of sales and prospect information in a centralized way. CRM dashboard will give you a basic overview of the sales activities via graphs and charts.

Activity Management

Activities management is used to keep track of all of your scheduled communication with the clients and team via calls and meetings.

Email Integration

Integration of email in the CRM can help you to make a strong marketing strategy. Via email, you can keep in touch with the customers and track all the communication.

Reasons to Develop the Custom CRM

Laravel CRM empowers your organization to deliver great customer service experiences and automate your organization’s Sales and Marketing Operations.

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Our CRM makes things easier to accomplish the business needs and flexible enough to manage all the business requirements.

Business Process Improvement

Using this approach you can identify and evaluate the performance of the sales team and organization.

Centralization of Data

All information is collected, stored, and managed in the centralized database CRM system.

Integration with other application

To improve productivity, you can easily integrate another application with your CRM.

Custom CRM services for various industries

We offer Custom CRM development services to all industry verticals from SMEs to large enterprises

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Real Estate CRM

Real estate CRM is designed for small, mid, and large enterprises that help buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and stakeholders. Our custom CRM helps you to manage the price quote, real estate leads, monitor lead generation campaigns, manage contacts and upload documents so that the real estate CRM system takes care of the end-to-end process management.

Human Resource CRM

Human resource management and customer relationship management are the backbones of an organization, with the help of CRM you can manage and track all the employee information in one place. Human resource CRM will help you to find out the services of the custom CRM.

Healthcare CRM

Healthcare industries also need the CRM solution to keep the information related to the hospitals and patient data (medical bills, visit, medical history). At the same time, our Krayin CRM will provide you with a custom solution for hospitals, medical institutions, laboratories, public and private clinics, etc.

Travel and Aviation CRM

Our Travel CRM solution will provide you with the best services and information for your valued customers. As a travel agency owner, you can give the best solution in order to assist your clients and as well as strengthen your marketing strategy.

Education CRM

We are also building a custom CRM solution for the EdTech organization to manage the data in a centralized manner. By using custom CRM, you can build lists of new prospects who have submitted inquiries, which can be segmented by location, course, or any other parameter that your institute wishes.

Retail and E-commerce CRM

Nowadays we can see tremendous growth in the e-commerce industry and by 2040 approx 95% of purchases are expected via e-commerce. Our custom CRM software provides tools for managing online sales, projects, teams, and clients including inventory, marketing, order, and payment processing.

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Our custom CRM Development services include :

  • Discovery and requirement Gathering
  • Development
  • CRM Customization
  • CRM Application Development
  • CRM Integration
  • CRM Maintenance
  • Support

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