How to resolve PHP intl issue in Krayin?

When you try to install  Krayin and run the command “composer create-project krayin/laravel-crm” or after installing the Krayin you will get this issue “Class ‘NumberFormatter’ not found. The reason behind this error is PHP intl extension is not enable that’s why this error will occur. Here we will discuss “How to resolve PHP intl issue in Krayin?


How - to - fix - PHP - intl - issue - “Class 'NumberFormatter' not found”- in - Krayin?

What Is Intl?

Internationalization(Intl) is a design process for a product(application) to make sure that the application accepts various languages without change to the source code of the application.

Maybe you installed an unbundled  PHP version, then intl extension is not available there. But if you have the bundled PHP version, the extension might be there but not enabled.

Note:- For this solution, you have root access. If you don’t have root access ask your service provider to install/enable the PHP Intl extension.


Solution For Linux Server

Make Sure The Php_intl.So File Exists Within Your PHP Extensions Directory, Find The Extensions Directory By:

If The File Exists:

If The File Doesn’t Exist:

Solution For Windows Server:

Make Sure The Php_intl.Dll File Exists Within Your PHP Extensions Directory:

If The File Exists:

If The File Doesn’t Exist:

That’s all about “How to resolve PHP intl issue in Krayin CRM?”. Hope it will be helpful for you.

If you have any issue feel free to raise a ticket at or email us on [email protected]

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I had difficulty installing it on the VPS... the support helped me quickly... they were very attentive and helpful... the platform is sensational, it's worth trying it out to see if it meets what you need, in my case it was perfect.

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