How to Create Groups in Krayin?

In Krayin CRM, you can create different types of groups as per your requirement to manage a set of common records. Groups can be used for setting up team support, team selling, event management by a group of marketing users, etc.

Here I will explain, How to create Group in Krayin. Following are operations you can perform for creating Groups in Krayin CRM:

Create Groups

You can create different types of groups, steps are given below:

  1. Go to Dashboard ->Setting -> Groups -> Create Group
  2. In the Group field, click Create Group
How to create Group in Krayin

For Group creation, specify the Name & Description of the group and click on “Save as Group”.

How to create group in Krayin ?

After creating groups, you can use a “Filter” to find out the specific group by using “Id and Name”.

Here, using Filter you can findout group

Actions in Group:

There are two types of actions you can perform in the Group section:

  1. Edit
  2. Delete

Edit Groups

After Group creation, if you want to edit or update the group name and description, then go to the “Edit” option and “Save as Group”.

Delete Groups

If you want to delete an unnecessary group from your Krayin CRM, use the Delete function, as shown in the below screenshot.

I hope you understand how to create a group in Krayin.

Stay tuned for other upcoming features. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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