How to build Sales Pipeline in Krayin ?

In Krayin CRM, you can build the sales pipelines for your deal. A sales pipeline is the set of opportunities and actions that sellers leverage to close a deal. The pipeline is also refers to where prospects are in the purchasing process. Let’s discuss”How to build the sales pipeline in Krayin

What is sales pipeline?

Sales pipeline are the stage, where your sales representative can recognize the process of sales and lead generation in CRM. Sales pipeline stages are varying to industry. However, the sales pipeline stages are outlined below –

Stages of Sales Pipeline :

Now, I am introducing the process of sales pipeline and how to track the progress of sales with the help of Krayin CRM :

Stages - of - Sales - Pipeline

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of capturing interest in the product and services for creating the sales pipeline of a business with proper lead generation strategy you can achieve your goal and grow your business.

Follow-up Lead

Lead follow up is the process of reaching out to the lead, who has enquired about your brand or services. There are various methods to follow up the leads like call, email and schedule a meeting also.

Prospect lead

A prospect lead is a qualified contact, who has been moved into the sales process and regards to your sales outreach or interaction.

Negotiation of lead

After the prospect of the lead now arrives at the negotiation of the lead. A sales representative can negotiate with the customers on price and services of the product.

Won / Lost Lead

It is the final stage of the pipeline, where you can record the result or outcome of the lead. If it’s finalized between sales representative and the prospect, then you can mark that lead as won or lost. 

Create Pipeline:

For creating the sales pipeline, you need to go to Dashboard ⇾ Setting ⇾ Pipelines ⇾ Create pipeline

Name of Pipeline: First you need to put the name of the pipeline.

Rotting Days: All leads in Krayin CRM carry with them age the time elapsed from the day of lead creation. As lead ages, and the chance of winning the lead diminishes i.e. the lead rots. Such leads are referred to as rotten leads and the time period is called the rotten days.

For Instance, let us assume that the sales cycle for your pipeline is 30 days. Whenever the age of lead in the pipeline exceeds 30 days the lead turns red, as you can see in the below image.

How - to - build - Sales - Pipeline - in Krayin ?

Mark as default: You can mark a new pipeline as default, but at a time only one pipeline should work as a default pipeline.

Name(stage name): Here you need to put the stage name of the pipeline that you want to create.

Probability value of Stage: When you create a new pipeline, you can create new stages and assign a probability to them. For example: If your first stage is new and the last stage is won lead, so you can increase the probability as you can see in the below image.

Use of Filter in Pipeline :

Pipeline can be filtered using this section. e. If you are looking for your desired pipeline, then go to the Filter and put ID, Name, Rotten Days and Is default parameter then you would be able to find out the desired pipeline.

Search - the - Pipeline

Edit and Delete Pipeline:

Edit Pipeline: If you want to modify the stages and rotting days, then you can edit the name of the pipeline, rotting days with respect to the created lead, and probability after that save as pipeline.

Delete Pipeline: You can delete the pipeline using the trash icon.

Purpose of Sales Pipeline in Krayin :

Krayin CRM allows you to manage the multiple sales pipelines that many CRMs don’t offer this option. The main use of pipeline is that, if there is any required stage that is not available in the default pipeline, then you can create the new pipeline and stage as well with respect to a particular lead so that you can manage or track multiple businesses in one CRM.

For Example– I have created the new Pipeline that is Demo inside that pipeline I have created negotiation and follow-up stages.

Purpose - of - Sales - Pipeline - in -Krayin

That’s all about “How to build sales Pipeline in Krayin? ”

If you have any questions, query or suggestions, then comment below

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