How to create an Email Template in Krayin?

Laravel CRM provides range of email templates for the quotes, leads and activities and person. Rather than create a new email from scratch each time, you can use an email template as a base. These are predefined email layout, that may already include the recipient, subject and paragraph and content of the email. Let’s discuss,”How to create an email template in Krayin.”

Create an Email Template:

Now, Login to your Krayin CRM and then go to Dashboard ⇾ Setting ⇾ Email Templates

Create - an - Email - Template

There are two types of email template creation.

Creating an Email Template from the scratch:

In Krayin, you can easily create the email template for that you have to select components from the drop-down, or you can create content.

Name of Template : First, you need to put the name of the template.

Creating - an - Email - Template

Template Subject : In the subject line you need to put the Subject of the email template and from the placeholder you can select placeholder name from the drop-down which is dynamic.

Subject - of - template

Content of Template : While writing the Content, you can select the placeholder according to your template title, or you can insert the table as well if you’re required.

For example when you will click on lead then you choose Title, Lead value, source, type, sales owner, expected close date that will take dynamic values from the drop-down.

Creating an Email Template by inserting HTML

Content - of - Template

You can edit the source code, when you will click on the source code.

Creating -an - Email - Template - by -inserting - HTML

Search Email Templates:

By using the filter you can find out the Email template for that you need to put the ID, name and subject, and you will find out your desired template.

Search - Email - Templates

Edit Email Template :

In Krayin CRM, Once in a while before sending an email to the customers, you would want to edit the content of an existing template. Instead of creating a new template you can clone an existing template and make the necessary changes. 

Edit - Email - Template

Use of Email Template:

There are following instances where you can use the email template that are following:

Preview Email Template:

You can see the preview of designed email template.

Preview - Email - Template

That’s all about “How to create Email Template in Krayin?”

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