How does the Rotten lead feature work?

What is Rotten Lead:

All leads in Krayin CRM carry with them age the time elapsed from the day of lead creation. As lead ages, the chance of winning the lead diminishes i.e. the lead rots. Such leads are referred to as Rotten leads and the time period is called the Rotten days. In this article we will cover, How does the rotten lead feature work?

How does rotten lead work:

In Krayin CRM, as the lead exceeds their age, then the chances of the conversion of that lead decreases. For setting-up rotting days, you need to follow the below steps.

How - to set-up - rotten - lead

Working of Rotten lead :

Rotten days represent the age of that lead, this helps users to prioritize and pay attention to the leads that are going to rotten.

As the age of the lead pass away from the creation of the deal then the color of the lead turns red.

For example: Let us assume that the sales cycle for your pipeline is 30 days. Whenever the age of the lead in the pipeline exceeds 30 days, the lead turns red.

Working - of- Rotten -lead

When you will click on edit lead, then leads will also indicate the number of days since when the lead is rotting in Krayin CRM.

Working - of- Rotten -lead

Purpose of Rotten Days:

In Krayin CRM while modification in any lead, you would be able to edit any lead and you can also modify the expected closing date of a particular lead by clicking on the edit lead option.

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